DreadyGirl Dreadlocks specialise in:

*Making dreadlocks from scratch
*Extending new or existing dreads with either natural or synthetic hair
*Repairing and maintaining dreadlocks
*General tidying and fixing
*Tip rubbing and re-dreading
*Fattening thin or damaged locks
*Krishna Dreads (Back head only)

*Custom made synthetic dreads, single or double ended + candycanes!
*Synthetic removable dreadlocks (party or gothic/cyber style)
*Cyberlocks & Wool dreads
*Dread falls installation

*Hair Stenciling & Shaving
*Braids with or without extensions
*Wigs & Hairpieces

Dread falls, beads and wraps, hats, and dreadlock shampoos are also avaiilable to buy in the ONLINE STORE

Dreadlocks can be made on any type of hair as long as it’s at least 10cm long. You can be sure that your dreads will look as they do in the PHOTO GALLERY with no time to wait for maturing. You will be able to see and feel straight away the experience I have in the quality of my work. Your hair will have maximum volume with the technique I use as I interlock all the sections using only a crochet hook creating a full head with many dreads and no unsightly squares on your scalp!

Email - DreadyGirl.Dreadlocks@gmail.com for more information

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