Welcome everyone who has dreads, wants dreads or is thinking about a new and original hairstyle and would like some information or to see some pictures, this website is designed for you! Here you can find everything you may want to know about dreadlocks.

What you do need to know however, is that having any type of hairstyle needs to be maintained in order to look good and dreads are no exception. If you make a decision to go with dreads, you must know that this hairstyle takes time and a bit of work in the beginning. If they don't have a good foundation you will struggle for years.

I also want to break the stereotype that dreads are stinky and only for hippies that don't wash their hair! Dreadlocks are real hair and if you don't care about your hair and scalp and you don't wash your hair, your scalp can not breathe and the hair follicle will over time loose strength and begin to break at the root. Leaving you with a flaky scalp and dreads that are thinning at the top. Not a good look!

Your hair is always growing and you will need to keep your dreads tight with regular maintenance, especially in the beginning to keep them healthy and tidy as they grow. My technique has evolved over the years based on the experience with my own dreads over the last 20 years. I have made my own mistakes and I can now pass on my experience to you.

It doesn't matter if you have straight or curly hair. European, Afro or Asian. I can make dreadlocks on any type of hair, so long as its at least 10cm long. If your hair is short but you like the look of longer dreadlocks I can extend them, seamlessly, using natural hair.

Hopefully this site helps you to make a decision if you haven't already, or if you have dreads and are not happy and would like them to be improved there should be enough info here to guide you through.

If you have any questions please CONTACT me.